April Antics!

The infants have been learning about sunflowers.

Helping to keep out school clean and tidy by doing some litter picking

A surprise visitor for Easter!

First Class get to grips with measuring and enjoy some maths activities.

Printing spring wild flower meadows in First Class using a range of recycled materials

1st Class love reading to 5th and 6th Class

Planting sweet peas and spring onions in First Class

Easter art

Na Trí Mhuc performance by First Class. We designed all of our houses and had a super time performing for all classes in school.

2nd class planting onions

Neasa and Sanne with their Basketball League champions and county runners up trophies!

Rath NS pupils supporting the reactor run in Rath, in aid of Irish Motor Neuron Association

Sincere thanks to Lisa Hannigan, Gemma Hayes, Liz Clark & Tessa Perry for their wonderful, intimate gigs in aid of the school and the Ukrainian emergency fund.

A big adventure – Lifeboat Station tour, Ringfort visit and Fiddle Fair concert all in one day!

5th and 6th Class rowing

Sciath na Scol teams both through to the final on Thursday June 2nd!

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