5th/6th Class

5th and 6th Class Book List 2018/2019


* Racing Ahead Stage 4 Book 2 (CJ Fallon)

Better English (5th class) (both 5th & 6th will be using this book) educate.ie

Revised spellings + Table Book (Folens)


*Mathemagic 5 or 6


*Bun go Barr 5 (CJ Fallon)

Tine Chnámh (5th) (will be provided by the school free as a supplementary reader)

Dioscó na mBó (6th) (             “                      “                      “          out of print)


*Unlocking History (6th class)


*Unlocking Geography (6th class)

Atlas will be provided by school


Science Fusion (online) (no book needed)

Nature copy (one page lined and one page blank)


* Alive O 7 – Text book


  • 8 writing copies
  • Two sum copies
  • Homework Journal
  • D Tin whistle
  • Plastic Wallet Folder
  • 30 cm ruler
  • Set of colours
  • Spelling notebook
  • Red/ blue biro
  • Pencil, rubber and topper
  • Science Project copybook (softback) x2 (One blank/one lined page)
  • 3 x pritt/glue stick
  • Packet of photocopying paper
  • €8.00 pupil/personal insurance
  • €5 for crest (if needed)

     *Available to rent in school

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