5th/6th Class

5th and 6th Class Book List 2019


*Up and Running Stage Four – Book 1 (CJ Fallon)

Better English Literacy Skills 6th class

Revised Spellings & Tables book (Dictionaries available in the school)


*5/6 Mathemagic


*Bun go Barr 6 (CJ Fallon)

* Léigh sa Bhaile E 5th Class (CJ Fallon)

* Léigh sa Bhaile F 6th Class (CJ Fallon)


*History Quest 5


*Geography Quest 6 (Atlas will be provided by the school)


Science fusion (online) No text book is required


*Grow in Love:  5th Class

  • 8 writing copies
  • 3 sums copies
  • Homework journal
  • D Tin Whistle – notation copy + folder (in use from previous years)
  • Wallet folder
  • Spelling notebook
  • Red/ blue biro, pencil, rubber and topper, 30cm ruler, set of colours
  • Science Project copybook (softback) x3 – one page blank / one lined
  • €9 per pupil / personal insurance
  • 4 Glue sticks
  • 1 ream A4 white paper.                                  *available to rent from school
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