Engineering Week

We’ve been celebrating Engineer’s week for a little longer than expected due to the many exciting projects we had underway. Ms O. Collins led an Lego Education programme with 5th & 6th class and with the help of the West Cork Education centre, where we borrowed the kits from. Combining iPad technology with Lego kits, the groups built Lego models, made a code on the iPads by putting programming blocks together, which brought the model to life, including a spinning wind mill and a moving Lego robot. They continued their work back in their classroom learning about the formation of bridges and building bridges using lollipop stick, bull clips & clothes pegs. The span of the bridge had to be the length of a class dictionary and our strongest bridge held 28! There was lots of building & designing and making in the other classrooms too. The biggest excitement, however, was with 1st & 2nd class and Ms Griffiths, when they designed and created vehicles to protect their eggs being thrown out of the window…… The Great Egg Drop. There was many weird and wonderful materials used to protect their eggs and they obviously did a great job as all but control the survived 🙂

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