Goodbye Plastic!

As part of our Green School’s initiative and our awareness of the damage plastic is doing to our environment, especially to our oceans, we decided to name February as our month to cut out single use plastic. With the help of our parents, we focused on what changes we could make to our lunchboxes. Ideas such as buying one big yogurt and sharing it in reusable pots, using reusable drinks bottles, swapping paper towels or paper sandwich bags for clingfilm were all suggested. We were delighted with the effort made and the bin monitors really noticed a difference in our waste output.

5th & 6th class made “wrappies” during art class. We used 100% cotton with some yellow beeswax from Dingle and a splash of jojoba oil for antiviral purposes. We used the iron to melt the wax on under some parchment paper. Once they are dry, they’re ready to use to wrap up your sandwiches, fruit etc. All they need is a wipe of a cloth with warm water and they’re ready to use again!

It is fantastic to see how people are continuing with the changes they’ve made. Every little bit helps so keep up the great work!

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