St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We were delighted to participate in Baltimore’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and with the sun shining, what better place to be?! With a maritime theme, we decided to go with our Green School’s theme of keeping plastic out of our oceans. Everything we used was either upcycled or from waste or recycled materials. Bob Clarke of Skibbereen Sign Studio kindly donated some scraps of corriboard and vinyl stickers. Ms McCarthy provided us with some old fishing nets and lobster pots. All classes designed fish, whales, octopus & banners/flags with our message saying “Goodbye to Plastic”! Bottle tops & old CDs were used to create our beautiful fish, with huge input from Lucy & Cáit. Josh dressed up as St. Patrick for the day but swapped his crosier for a litter picker! Joe offered around his pot of chocolate gold to participants and spectators alike. Jerry O’ Driscoll kindly adapted his trailer to add benches and a banner stand and drove us on the day using Jim Collins’ Landrover…..a great school & community effort!

We received a prize for “most topical” entry. The prize was raffled between all those who participated in the parade with the school and was won by a delighted Róisín in Junior Infants! Thank you to everyone who helped us.

Rath NS past & present pupils who danced at our local mass on St. Patrick’s Day


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