A little flavour of November!

Infants enjoying some outdoor fun!
‘At the restaurant’ art – dinner made with clay and then painted by the infants
‘At the restaurant’ role play
Infants experimented with taste testing – sweet, sour, bitter and salty
Check out the new free writing table in the infant room!
First Class enjoying some DEAR time in their library corner
Lots of literacy games underway in 1st Class
Making winter trees and Christmas jumpers for Ryan Tubridy just in time for the Toy Show!
First class making their own musical instruments 🎸
Maths games and making 3D shape structures in first class
First Class staying active
2nd Class soccer blitz with TY student and past pupil Johnny!
2nd Class art activities
Learning to weave in 2nd class
Football with Paudie Crowley
2nd Class on a musical walk around the area
3rd Class enjoying maths tables games
Investigating and building 3D shapes in 3rd Class
Everyone was delighted to welcome the book fair back again and we earned loads of great free books for the school
There were some great book cover designs created by all the children during book fair week

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